In Memoriam, Out Memoriam – OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased and excited to release this debut album by Scrivener into the world after many years of hard work, writing, re-writing, continental location moves, discussions and deliberations etc etc… We just hope you enjoy it….

‘To be just half of what your meant to be is enough’



J U S T  H A L F
new single by  S C R I V E N E R
O U T   N O W!

This is the latest release from Scrivener the enigmatic Bristol-born, Moscow-residing Rob Sharples. 

A gentle, warm piece of songwriting with a melodic sensibility and unembellished acoustic arrangement, ‘Just Half’ is a consoling work that touches on how we experience and deal with expectations. The body of the song unfolds with delicately layered acoustic guitars and rich vocal harmonies culminating in a lyrical piano part which chimes with a final redemptive sentiment that falling short of a self-authored life is perfectly human and ultimately more profound than concepts such as failure and success.

‘To be just half of what your meant to be is enough’

*Check out the video where Rob duets with himself amidst an incredible Moscow backdrop. It’s like Richard Ashcroft walking down that street, except in Russia.

S C R I V E N E R : Levitate EP Released 25th January


The first official Endearingly Ramshackle release is here, and we’re pleased to report it’s the long-awaited return of Rob Sharples!

He shall return on 25th January – 1 week today – with a new digital EP entitled Levitate under the new moniker of Scrivener.

It comprises a distillation of a large body of work ranging from gritty alt rock to spare and delicate moments, all weaved together with distinctive melodic sensibilities and layered vocals evocative of Elliott Smith.

It’s a rich tapestry that sets the scene for a wider, more expansive and intricate work: the L.P. following in spring 2019…

Here’s a sneak peek of the first two of the five tracks: